B-CT is an independent consultancy in the area of Communications Technology. B-CT operates independently from any iCT supplier or manufacturer. B-CT´s focus is on delivering succesful services contributing to the improvemenet of the iCT services in your company.

The main services of B-CT are:

  • Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Interim Management


Information and Communications Technology with a small letter “i”. B-CT focuses on Communications Technology within the iCT field.


B-CT works pragmatically. B-CT prefers projects in which B-CT has a Consultancy as well as a Project Management responsibility. 

Example: B-CT fulfils the Consultancy role during the procurement phase of a project. If a supplier is selected and the contract has been signed the B-CT Project Manager guides the implementation of a new service, equipment and/or application.

This combined approach of Consultancy and Project Management is in your advantage:
  • Advice is based on practical experience
  • The B-CT project manager has expertise
A recent reaction of a customer after finalising a B-CT procurement project (RFP and Bid Evaluation): “Good job, solid, clear, quick”!


B-CT has experience in a variety of organisations in the Public and Private sector.


B-CT adapts where necessary to the culture of your organization to bring projects to a successful end in a pleasant co-operation with you as the customer.


B-CT is experienced in delivering CT-services to multi-national companies. B-CT knows how to act in multi-national projects, being aware of cultural differences. Awareness of these mostly minor differences can be of major importance for the success of a project.